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Affiliates – Real Estate Flipping Software

How To Build Wealth

With Other Peoples' Money & Create

Cash Flow?

if You Only Dream Of This But Don't Know How To Get Started,
You'll Now Learn How To Make it Possible!

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PAES Plus © Affiliate Program Sign Up Form

Earn 50% Commissions On Every Sale!

From Newbies to Masters…Evaluate a Property and MAKE an Offer Within Minutes.

You make money when you buy a property –>PAES Plus YOUR 1-Step Solution to Real Estate Investment will tell you the Maximum Allowable Offer and Return on Investment to FLIP HOUSES.

We value your privacy and will never spam you

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Now: Take a Sneak Peek at PAES Plus

Become a Member >>Evaluate Properties

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How can you afford to pay such high commission rates?

We would love for anyone wanting to become real estate investors, not just experienced real estate investors, to have the opportunity to use our products and programs to get their dream home or real estate investment startup and pay the right amount for the subject property. But as you can imagine, it is truly impossible for us to reach everybody online to get this unbelievable information out to them so we need your help and expertise. For that reason, we are more than willing to pay out half of our fee for our products in exchange for your marketing endeavors. Think of as “paying it forward”

Oh! Before I forget, this Affiliate Program is completely F-R-E-E , so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Do I need to purchase membership with PAES PLUS © to become an affiliate?

You can become an affiliate regardless of whether or not you have purchased “PAES Plus ©”. We do feel, however, that you will benefit greatly from becoming a member of “PAES Plus ©”

How do I get updates or new releases to promote?

Sign-Up with our Affiliate System below, and you will be kept up to date on any new products or affiliate tools that will help with your promotions. Remember, PAES PLUS © is webbased application and any updates and new releases will be reflected on a members membership immediately. Therefore, there is no need to buy licenses or upgrades like other products.

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ClickBank Marketplace


If you are not registered with Clickbank,click here to sign up for free. (This link opens in a new browser screen. Remember to switch back to this screen once the signup is complete!) Once your Clickbank account is open, it is important to remember the nickname you have assigned yourself. If you are already registered with Clickbank, just replace the XX with your Clickbank Nickname. PLUS ©

STEP 2– 

First; simply attach a text or banner link to us on your website or in an email.


Every time someone clicks on your link on your website and that lead comes to our site you will receive 50% for each product sold! (less ClickBank fees). So, you may be wondering about a few things like…

So, you being saying to yourself “Who’s cutting the check”?, is an online independent company that handles the sales processing and payment to affiliates. Clickbank cuts the checks for you and our company every month. The reason we trust Clickbank is because they handle the tracking of every sale. To join this affiliate program you will need to sign up with Clickbank simply by clicking the link below: Click here to register with Clickbank!

Yes! Clickbank pays you twice a month Clickbank sends out checks twice a month but there has to be a minimum of $25 in your account before they will send a check to you (this means that you will receive a check after the first sale of our products from your site.) Clickbank also has an online statistics facility with real time updates, so you can see how much commission you have earned at any time.[/vc_column_text][vc_video title=”Grow Your Audience” link=””][vc_video title=”How To Build Your Platform with ClickBank” link=””][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

JVZoo Marketplace


Free to Promote PAES PLUS ©

In a couple of minutes you can be promoting and making money with PAES PLUS © through JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace. It is easy to set up and track your sales.

Earn Instant Commissions

Promote products via your blog, email list, website, PPC, etc. Commissions are paid to you direct to your PayPal account.

No Charge-Backs or PalPay Disputes

Affiliates are paid instantly by PAES PLUS ©, not the buyer! This eliminates affiliates from ever receiving a charge-back or PayPal dispute from an unsatisfied customer.

No customer Support

PAES PLUS © deal directly with buyers, so there is no need to ever provide customer support for people that purchase from your affiliate links.

Instant Sale Notification

Keep an eye on your campaigns with instant sale notifications. Notices are sent to your email’s inbox each time an affiliate sale is made.

Real Time Tracking of Your Traffic and Earning Statistics

See exactly how your campaigns are performing in real time. You can even create multiple trackers for the same product, using a Tracking ID System.


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