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  • Fair Market Value
    The highest possible selling price based on comparable sells.
  • After Repair Value
    The market value a property can achieve once all repairs are completed.
  • Purchase Discount
    Means the discounted price you will offer for the property before expenses. This field can be modified to 65%-85% if deemed necessary by investor depending on the deal.
  • Private Money Borrowed
    This money could come from another investor, partner, etc.
  • Household Income Per Month
    This information will be required from potential tenants to determine if the rental property or leased option property is a good fit for them.
  • Projected Holding
    Period Is the period you expect to pay for all property expenses before rented or sold.
  • Kick Back
    Is any shared profit with any private investor other than the investors involved in structuring or accomplishing the completion of the deal.
  • Option Money
    Is the amount a potential buyer is willing to put down to have the exclusive right to buy the property on a specified and previously agreed date.
  • Rent Credit
    Is a previously agreed monthly rental allowance based on agreement fulfillment. It is used as an incentive for potential buyer to buy property on specified date.
  • Contingency
    Is a reserved amount saved up for unforeseeable expenses such as, construction cost or holding cost.
  • (HML)
    Hard Money Lender
  • (ROI)
    Return On Investment
  • (DSR)
    Debt Service Ratio
  • (DS)
    Debt Service
  • (MAO)
    Max allowable offer

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Real Estate Investors Reviews
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  • Mark Mazer

    Member of KREIA-Real Estate Agent and Investor

    The software is a time saver. It normally takes me longer the way I currently do the calculations because there is always a figure I have to add and recalculate.

  • Gil Molinary

    Real Estate Broker

    It saves me 80% of the time it would normally take me to do the calculations with my current spreadsheet.

  • Wayne Gebhardt

    Real Estate Agent & Investor

    After using the initial template, I did not anticipate I would be changing from my current spreadsheet to analyze potential deals, but I can definitely see myself not only using it, but recommending it. Having the option analysis available definitely opens more options and will keep it sort of in my face so I just don't ignore that potential.

  • Chad Hurley

    Real Estate Investor

    Doing the calculations the way I do them would take additional time but this program seems to be able to do several different calculations simultaneously. That's something my current worksheet isn't able to do.Elliott Robinson, Real Estate Investor It exceeded my expectations. I specially was surprised to find the Sandwich Lease analysis. The flow of entering the information is smooth and the pop-up windows explaining fields is very helpful.