• Fair Market Value
    The highest possible selling price based on comparable sells.
  • After Repair Value
    The market value a property can achieve once all repairs are completed.
  • Purchase Discount
    Means the discounted price you will offer for the property before expenses. This field can be modified to 65%-85% if deemed necessary by investor depending on the deal.
  • Private Money Borrowed
    This money could come from another investor, partner, etc.
  • Household Income Per Month
    This information will be required from potential tenants to determine if the rental property or leased option property is a good fit for them.
  • Projected Holding
    Period Is the period you expect to pay for all property expenses before rented or sold.
  • Kick Back
    Is any shared profit with any private investor other than the investors involved in structuring or accomplishing the completion of the deal.
  • Option Money
    Is the amount a potential buyer is willing to put down to have the exclusive right to buy the property on a specified and previously agreed date.
  • Rent Credit
    Is a previously agreed monthly rental allowance based on agreement fulfillment. It is used as an incentive for potential buyer to buy property on specified date.
  • Contingency
    Is a reserved amount saved up for unforeseeable expenses such as, construction cost or holding cost.
  • (HML)
    Hard Money Lender
  • (ROI)
    Return On Investment
  • (DSR)
    Debt Service Ratio
  • (DS)
    Debt Service
  • (MAO)
    Max allowable offer

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