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The Secret to Flipping Houses…is in the NUMBERS!

YES….You make money when you buy! To land a good deal or should say a TRUE DEAL, it requires for you to make many offers or a real good wholesaler or investor friendly realtor to feed you REAL DEALS! Now…although, every deal is different, your acquisition strategy is a key factor whether this is a deal for you or not. However, when you work your numbers right, irrespective of your acquisition strategy you’ll always have meat on the bone!

7 Rules of thumb…

  1. DON’T BUY on Emotions, Fall in love with the deal not the house or how beautiful you can rehab it.
  2. Get Tools to make you proficient in evaluating a deal in minutes. Time is MONEY!
  3. Numbers don’t lie…if the numbers say otherwise, think outside the box and MAYBE a creative acquisition—trust your Gut feeling.
  4. Build your team, contractor or individual trades, Realtor, Inspector, REI Attorney, Title company.
  5. Make sure you do your due diligence…pull your own comps, drive the area, look at the house if all possible.
  6. Get a written buying criteria to remind you of your goals and share it with wholesaler and realtors.
  7. Always plan more than one EXIT Strategy….even if you have a fortune


What Do You Need To Buy A House

As simple as all this might sound to you or think it is common sense…you’ll be surprised how many “deals” I come across that evidently are not a deal for me….maybe for the seller and BANG! other “investors” buy them.

When you do your due diligence and get properly evaluated deals like the ones users of PAES Plus © get, you’ll always have meat on the bone. Whether you are a wholesaler, birddog, bargain hunter/ flipper or rehabber–flip it or lease it, you must use a property acquisition evaluation software and you’ll always factor expenses easy to forget or overlook.

If you are a real- real estate investor and not a speculator and only get properly evaluated deals like seasoned professional Bargain Hunters, Flippers/Rehabbers to flip it or lease it you’ll find your deal here. is the place where wholesalers and flippers meet.

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