5 Minute Online Investment Property Analysis Strategy to Save You Time

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If you have only experienced looking at every single property listed online in person, then you will appreciate information on how to do an investment property analysis to save you time. Since it’s impossible to go and look at every single property that grabs your attention, this article will show you how to quickly analyze an investment property just to see if it’s worth looking more into. I know a lot of properties come up all the time, and so here’s a five minute analysis tip sheet to help you figure out whether the property you THINK you want is something you should pursue.

Bearing in mind that the more you scour through property listings online, the more properties you see and the more you’ll want to go out to view potential buys, this quick property analysis strategy will help you whittle down your options right in front of your computer screen before you even set foot outside your door. So let’s get started by looking at the numbers.
You’re going to be surprised how quickly and easily you can do an investment property analysis and just how effective it can be for you.  Let’s say you’ve seen a fourplex property you like and the asking price is $119,900. You then take a look at what they say the rent is—not always reliable so don’t take their word for it. Flip through pictures of the rooms to assess what work would need to be done to revamp the property and roughly estimate what that might cost. Now let’s take a closer look at the numbers. At $119,900 I would round it up to 120,000. Now let’s say I’m going to put down 20% ($24,000) down payment on a mortgage, which puts the figure at $96,000 on a 30 year repayment. I’m not going to figure tax and insurance to it just yet, and so I’m left with a principal and interest of $515.92. Now let’s take a look at the 50% rule on a property like this, which says 50% that comes in goes out to expenses and whatever is left is what you pay your mortgage with.

Some people say that until you understand your area very well, making a sound property analysis would be far more challenging at best. In this particular area a two bedroom apartment is going to rent for $500, and a one bedroom apartment for $400 a month. So let’s say our fourplex property generates rental income of $1,700 a month, minus 50% expenses would leave us with $850 to pay the mortgage (which is around $515 a month); which leaves you with $335 per month, which gives you $4,020 per year. Now let’s combine the down payment of $24,000 with perhaps a few thousand dollars in closing costs. Let’s say that ultimately we’ve put down $30,000 on this property, we’d be making a 13% return on investment. What I would look for more importantly is the cash flow numbers—in this case $335 a month. At minimum, I would shoot for $100 per unit per month. I wonder if you’ve noticed that looking at these figures as they are, they’re clearly not very enticing.

Now supposing our mortgage is for $20,000 less and we put down around $24,000. Now let’s say we leave all the other figures the same, this time the principal and interest come to just over $400. At that point it does make sense as it leaves your minimum $100 per month per unit requirement. So THAT becomes more enticing, wouldn’t you agree? So very quickly, that is how to analyze a property before driving out to look at it. If you’re the kind of person that wants to save time on researching for properties to buy, then knowing how to make a quick investment property analysis will be exactly what you’re looking for.

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